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Our insights for the coming year

In today's investment world, we're seeing twists and turns at every corner: yields hitting levels we haven't seen in a decade, correlations playing new tunes, economic growth on a tightrope, and the sudden emergence of exciting trends in equities.

It can be a lot to take in - but our experts are here to guide you through it.

Fixed Income Outlook
Fixed Income Outlook

With moderate inflation expectations, attractive interest rates and central banks maintaining tight policies amid global growth risks, our fixed income CIO – Sam Vereecke – seeks to make the most of these developments to unearth the most promising opportunities for 2024.

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Fundamental Equity Outlook

US economic resilience wrestles with market uncertainty; resilient labour markets meets recession fears, and promising sectors – from technology to healthcare – are poised for growth amidst shifting market conditions. Our fundamental equity CIO, Johan Van Geeteruyen, not only identifies potential roadblocks but also highlights the bright spots that’ll shape 2024.

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Sustainability Outlook

Scientific consensus tells us that delaying action will only exacerbate the need for more drastic measures as time runs out. Fortunately, despite political backlash in US, ESG-focused investments have continued to grow. Ophélie Mortier, Chief Sustainable Investment Officer, discusses whether it'll be enough to avoid a late and rushed transition.

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Multi-Asset Outlook

Event though indicators signal a potential deceleration in economic momentum for the coming year, Olivier Van Haute, Head of Global Balanced Funds, still believes the new year presents a cautiously optimistic scenario for multi-asset portfolios, with promising avenues across government bonds, corporate bonds, equities, and commodities.

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