23 mei 2024

Europe’s Value Enigma: Overlooked but Overperforming

The European "value" style of investing has seen an impressive three-year streak until the end of 2023, outperforming the broader market, supported by bottoming out interest rates, which aided banks, and high oil & gas prices, which boosted the profits of major energy companies. However, despite this solid performance and improving fundamentals, its valuation compared to the broader market has surprisingly decreased.

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30 april 2024

Sustainability-linked bonds: the Enel case

Enel is the largest issuer of sustainability-linked bonds and ten of these bonds reached their first observation date in late 2023. Here, we consider if they reached their sustainability performance targets and the conclusions we can draw about their price and credit spreads.

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26 april 2024

Weeding out the myths around pesticides

DPAM has added an indicator to assess countries’ efforts to preserve biodiversity in its country sustainability model; a country using fewer pesticides per area of cropland will be rewarded. Twice a year, DPAM produces country sustainability rankings for OECD member states and emerging countries. While pesticides are crucial for food security their use comes with environmental and social risks, which this new indicator takes account of.

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