18 juli 2024

Are inflation-linked bonds still worth it?

The COVID-19 pandemic profoundly reshaped the global economy, triggering a long-unseen surge in inflation through disrupted supply chains and unprecedented fiscal and monetary policy interventions. Despite inflation peaking at 10.6% in Europe and 9.1% in the US in 2022, market expectations of inflation over the medium- and long-term have remained stable since the start of COVID. This suggests that markets were confident inflation would return to normal levels quickly.

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30 juni 2024

A multi-thematic approach to fixed-income impact

DPAM has a long history of successfully managing fixed maturity funds. With the launch of DPAM L Bonds EUR Impact Corporate 2028, we have decided to broaden our expertise adding an impact framework to our traditional offering.

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21 juni 2024

French elections: an unexpected reaction to an expected outcome

At the beginning of June, the outcome of the European elections was more or less in line with expectations in terms of the distribution of seats. In the end, the centre held well, with both the European People’s Party and the Socialists and Democrats still gaining some seats on a net basis. The big losers of the elections were the liberal Renew party and the Greens. Both lost about a third of their seats to those more at the extreme right of the political spectrum.

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