26 april 2024

Quarterly investment insights

The markets have been anything but boring this year: with unexpectedly strong earnings, adjustments of interest rate expectations, and a fair share of volatility, investors have had to manoeuvre through economic shifts and geopolitical crises, while taking into account upcoming election woes. What does this mean for you and how can you prepare your portfolio accordingly? Let’s take a look at what we’ve been through, what the markets are currently up against and what else 2024 has in store.

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19 december 2023

Multi-Asset Outlook 2024: Assessing Risks and Opportunities in a Growth Slowdown

No longer do we oscillate between risk-on (favouring equities) and risk-off (favouring nominal bonds) phases in response to macroeconomic dynamics. This shift away from the ‘risk-on, risk-off’ environment occurred as stock-bond correlations turned positive, largely in response to the surge in inflation and the subsequent actions of central banks. The financial landscape has since evolved from the inflationary surge post-COVID to a more subdued climate, with inflation trends inching towards normalcy. This transformation in the economic landscape necessitates a fresh analysis. Let’s have a closer look at the current financial trends and potential future outlooks.

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11 september 2023

Japan shares in focus: The big Nippon comeback or just a short-term flare-up?

Japan's financial history and recent robust GDP growth make it an intriguing focal point for investors. Is it poised for a potential comeback amid a changing global landscape?

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