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Flexibility. Durability.

To many of us, owning a house is a major milestone, something to take pride in. However, this accomplishment often comes with its share of drawbacks and costs, including repairs, property taxes and a lack of liquidity.

Real estate stocks can be a way around many of these limitations, offering benefits ranging from diversification, inflation protection to dividend payouts—a great way to enjoy the perks of property investment without the usual management headaches.

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DPAM B Real Estate Europe Sustainable

DPAM B Real Estate Europe Dividend Sustainable

DPAM B Real Estate EMU Sustainable

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Our groundwork for growth

While listed real estate presents a unique combination of liquidity, transparency, and resilience, it also requires careful analysis, knowledge, and active management to optimise returns.

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DPAM’s take on listed real estate

Our listed real estate offering features several different strategies. Find out what makes each one unique and how they could fit into your portfolio.


We closely monitor portfolios to further contain the risks that could impact the value of your investment. Even so, investing in equities and fixed income come with inherent risks. As there is no capital protection or guarantee, you can lose part or all of your capital. The risks that can have a high to moderate impact on the investments are listed below.

ESG challenges contain both risks and opportunities. Through thorough analysis, our experts weigh the benefits against the risks to make informed investment decisions.

DPAM B Real Estate Europe Sustainable

DPAM B Real Estate Europe Dividend Sustainable

DPAM B Real Estate EMU Sustainable

DPAM B Real Estate EMU Dividend Sustainable


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